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Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ?by · April 6, 2014


Google plus is a way to connect with people and share your thoughts and also a great place for advertisement and marketing. I am getting 50 to 70 visitors to my blog everyday from only google plus….I know it’s not much but hey…….i hardly visit my google plus profile once in a week.

When I started my blog, I was thinking only Facebook and twitter can drive traffic to my blog and that’s why I never focused on google plus. Even my profile didn’t have cover pic for first 3 months.

grey Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ?

But one day i was reading “New York times article” and it declared Google plus as Ghost town, if you want you can read that article. Link is below.

Google Plus A ghost Town

Well that explain a lot, so i visited my google plus profile, just to check “what the heck is going on my profile”……….And i found “I have 40 followers with total of 500 google plus view count”………….and i was thinking….”Really”

Then I checked my blog analytics report and I found “i had total 200 visitors just from Google plus”. ohhh boy…..i quit Facebook and twitter and started focusing on my google plus profile.

Anyway I just wanted to let you know that Google Plus Just as Popular as Twitter and Facebook.

As always, I know you guys are going to add to this article which is great because it helps me and others to learn more. If you disagree with any of these idea or you know other important ones please head to the bottom of this post and feel free to add and ask.

What is Google plus view count:

Okay back to the topic, below is screenshot of my google plus profile and it has total 3832 google plus view count….yeah not much. 

grey Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ?

Why you should remove google plus view count: 

Now if you are a marketer with some local or international business, like me you have just started focusing on google plus and your google plus view count is not much……i suggest you to remove it immediately. Here is why?

1. As per one research, 60 % people believe on a company/blog/website which has already good standing or fan following. As you just started it may be chance that you have not much followers and google plus view count.

2. As you may know LinkedIn and google plus has more professional users that Twitter and Facebook. Now if one of your client/visitor visite you google plus profile and found that you have only………this much followers, believe me, it would not good for your business.

Okay now if you are a well stablished company/blog/website and still you don’t have good fan following, its time to quit Facebook and focus on google plus……no i am serious, i know that Facebook has more users than google plus but think about the quality.  

I mean people are using Facebook just for fun while google plus and LinkedIn are professional place so it is obvious, you are going to get quality visitors and clients.

How to add or remove google plus view count ?

Now I think you have understood why you should add or remove your google plus view count, so let’s do it. Below are the steps which you were looking for :

Step 1: Log in your google plus account……of course you have to log in grey Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ? .

Step 2. Go to the left side and click on “Home” and then on “Settings” 

Step 3: Scroll down to bottom and you’d find one option something like this:

grey Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ?

Step 4: Simply uncheck this option and you are done, from now your google plus view count is not visible……easy, right??

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Regardsgrey Google plus view count : Add Or Remove ?

Vaibhav Singh

Founder of Online world | Knowledge and marketing  

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Vaibhav Singh

Vaibhav Singh

Hi, I am Vaibhav Singh, by profession System Automation Engineer and by Passion a Blogger. Love to know about you and your thoughts on my article. Simply leave a comment, I would be more than happy to answer them. Lets Be Friends On Facebook, Google + and on Twitter

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4 Responses

  1. Adam says:

    Nice post, keep posting Vaibhav :)

  2. Dan Pavel says:

    First of all, thank you for you post.
    I am new in this maze called “promoting by Google Plus”.
    I have my first Android Game. I worked in Unity.
    Now i am trying to engaje more downloads and G+ and FB are my main targets.
    Best regards!

    • Vaibhav says:

      Your Welcome Dan,

      Hope you would get what you are looking for. Fb and Google Plus has huge Traffic, all you have to know how to convert your visitors into followers and fans.

      Best of luck

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Join Us To Learn New things Everyday

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  • Tips About Blogging And Wordpress
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