Planet View: Check Out Destiny + Google Street View

In anticipation of Destiny’s upcoming launch on September 9, fans can get a sneak peek of the game’s vast in-game worlds with Destiny Planet View. Destiny Planet View lets fans explore the future of our nearby planets and moons using this planet’s most-powerful exploration tools. Created using Google Technologies, Destiny Planet View gives fans an […]

Yoshida Hopes That “Rise of the Tomb Raider” Will Eventually Come To PS4

Shuhei Yoshida, the boss of Sony Worldwide Studios, has revealed in an interview with Eurogamer that despite “Rise of the Tomb Raider” being released exclusively on Xbox next year, he believes that the game will eventually come to PS4. Yoshida has also stated that he had no idea about this deal regarding the game, even […]

New Watch Dogs Update Allows You To Hack Your Friends

A new update for Watch Dogs, Patch 1.03, was released today in both North America and Europe, while Asian players will have to wait until 26th of August. This patch will introduce several gameplay fixes and a few additions, including the ability to hack your friends. Up until now, players would connect randomly with other […]

Battlefield: Hardline – New Screenshots Show Car Chases And Tons Of Shooting

EA has released new screenshots for the upcoming first-person shooter Battlefield: Hardline. These show some of the game’s car chases, and typical gunfire and explosions the Battlefield series is known for. The screenshots give us a quick glimpse at both single-player and multiplayer portions of the game, and feature two game modes, Hotwire and Rescue, […]

Call of Duty: Ghosts ‘Nemesis’ DLC Launches In September For PS3 & PS4

Activision has announced that the Nemesis expansion pack, the fourth and last DLC to be released for Call of Duty: Ghosts, will launch for PC, PS3, and PS4, on 2nd of September in North America and on the 4th of September in Europe. This expansion has been available on Xbox platforms since earlier this month. […]