PS4 Gets Massive Price Cut At One Australian Retailer

The PlayStation 4 launched in Australia at a price of $549 Australian dollars, which is a lot, considering the rate difference between US dollars and Australian dollars is negligible. Since then it’s stuck at that price, and although the console was $50 cheaper than the Xbox One when that launched, since the removal of Kinect, […]

Destiny’s Ghost Takes the Ice Bucket Challenge, Bungie Donates to ALS Association

  Ghost, Destiny’s robot character voiced by Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, has taken the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise awareness and funds for the ALS Association. As you can see above, the short video shows Ghost and a Guardian hanging out before a wizard from the moon dumps a bucket of ice water on them. Bungie […]

Destiny has officially taken over Times Square, NYC

Activision and Bungie shelled out quite a few ad bucks to plaster Destiny over some large billboards on Times Square in New York City. Given the push Destiny is getting it sure seems as if Kotick and his people considers this the next major blockbuster. Bungie and Activision have released their official launch trailer for Destiny, which includes gameplay. […]

Call of Duty Ghosts DLC: New gun camos, Multiplayer skins out for PS4

A new selection of Personalization and Character Pack micro-item DLC scheduled to launch July 31st, for PS3 and PS4 on the PlayStation Store. There will be six Personalization Packs, including weapon camos such as Skulls, Leopard, and Tattoo designs, and three new Character Packs, including a weed emblazoned ‘Blunt Force’ uniform. Two weapons will also […]

Ubisoft Announces Upcoming Release Of Far Cry 4

Ubisoft announced via the Sony press conference at Gamescom that Far Cry 4 is on the way and will allow players to invite players who have not bought the game to play the Co-Op version of the game. This is possible through the Keys to Kyrat feature, exclusive to PlayStation. With Keys to Kyrat, players […]